Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seattle Times

Mike and I are just finishing out what has been a wonderful scouting trip to Seattle. For years we have dreamed of making this transition and moving out here, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it finally happening. My sense of adventure is tingling with all the new opportunities!

This weekend, we celebrated one year of marriage (which is a milestone in itself), but we also lined up an apartment to live in! Queen Anne is a beautiful neighborhood on a (very) tall hill. It has beautiful old houses as well as a quaint downtown area.  Our apartment is new, which isn't all that surprising. A lot of people have been moving to the city, so housing is competitive but there are lots of nice new buildings with great features!  Ours has a private terrace that our back patio opens up to, as well as an amazing rooftop deck with mountain views.

Now that the apartment hunt is finished, we have been able to enjoy the trip like tourists.  We're so excited to make this city our home! 

Like the sunglasses in my pics?  They're by Nectar. You can get 10% off a (already cheap) pair with code: lovenectar.  They have tons of fun designs and colors - perfect for summer!  I'm loving them as a fun alternative to my standard black ones.  

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