Friday, June 6, 2014

What kind of jogger are you?

Nothing quite clears my mind, pushes the "reset" button, or raises my spirits quite like a good run. I love the feeling of actually running away from whatever has happened in my day. It's my time alone. Being an extrovert, I tend to fill up my free time with socializing, so my runs are sometimes my only moments of solitude in my week.

I love running on this wonderful gravel trail by my house. I share it with a bunch of other joggers, walkers and bikers. I even recognize some who tend to run on the same schedule!  We wave or simile knowingly. Something about those pumping endorphins makes me feel like the girl in this amazing Portlandia sketch:

(Minus the collision!)

I say hello to about anything. Another runner? Look, a friend! A biker? A fast-moving friend! A walker? A moseying friend! A distant squirrel? A cute little furry friend! 

How about you? Are you a social jogger? A waver? A "hello"-er? A nodder? 

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