Friday, July 17, 2015

Here, kitty, kitty

Fashion is all about self-expression, and that includes having a little fun.  As you add some accent pieces into your wardrobe, why not incorporate something a little on the playful side?  An expressive print that hints at your inner cat-lady is chic -- not stuffy -- when outfitted properly.

These new pieces from Kate Spade would be the perfect touch of cheeky playfulness to an otherwise neural outfit.

So, how do you wear it? 

The trick is to select one statement item and blend it in with neutral basics.  Especially since Kate Spade tends to run on the dressy, feminine side, it's fun to incorporate a distressed element like a raw-edge jean.  The ankle length won't cover up the quirky little whiskers! 


I encourage you to try it out for yourself!  Going tastefully outside your comfort zone might earn you a little extra fashion credit and a few loose compliments! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

home accessory shopping

H&M assembly of boho lanterns and vases

home accessories

Found by reading the text below a pinned photo on Pinterest this morning, I discovered that H&M now has a home line?!  As a young adult who prioritizes eating and drinking well over luxury home furnishings, I was really pleased to make this discovery.  Just as with their clothing, this line calls upon current decorating trends at affordable price points.

We've been in Seattle for nearly a year, and have just secured our next apartment.  Once again, we're downsizing a bit, but for a great location and quick access to the things we've come to enjoy the most in the city.  One great up-side to our new place is the patio!  Though the apartment is smaller than our current one, the outdoor space holds a world of possibilities as an extra room. 

To nestle in and warm our new home, I'm daydreaming of small touches that add style and cohesion to a small space.  Running with a theme of luxe boho touches like the gold lantern and chic pillows, I'm hoping to create a calm and serene getaway from the busy city. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

just be.

This morning in yoga, we focused on the balance of effort and relaxing, of strength and softness.  In certain poses, in order to attain softness and calm, strength and grounding is needed.  I can always take these principles into my life outside of yoga, and this weekend my goal is to find softness after a week of strength.  A good yoga class, several cups of warm coffee, and a slow afternoon spent with my husband is just what I need.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The little things

While checking through my regular blog lineup, I found this wonderful graphic artist via A Cup of Jo.  This is one of the pages of Soppy, a graphic novel by Philippa Rice.  Soppy is an autobiographical comic series about the author and her boyfriend, and it features bits and pieces of otherwise-uninteresting daily life.  It highlights small moments that illustrate the bond between the couple and the small things that make their relationship special.  While looking through it I saw lots of similarities to little things Mike and I do!

The rest of her work is really wonderful too.  Check her out!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lately in WA

 We have had the most beautiful weather this past week.  On Sunday, we had plans with some new friends to hike Wallace Falls.  We set the date two weeks ago, and I watched as the weather app kept showing the forecast getting warmer and sunnier -- it ended up being 60 degrees and sunny!

The new friends have an amazing organic chicken and duck farm, and we got to check it out after the hike.  It was so cool to see such a huge amount of chickens all in one space!  It's actually just like that movie, Chicken Run.  They bawk and squawk in a pretty hilarious chorus.  They're happy chickens, if chickens can be happy. 

On Monday, we decided to check out the Ballard Locks.  It was another beautiful day, and it was great to feel and smell the salty mist as it went through the dam.  We finished the day at Golden Gardens beach, which is probably my favorite place in the city.

The superbowl is this weekend!  It's so exciting that our first winter here the Seahawks are making it there for a second time in a row!