Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boutique of the Week: AliKat

499 Pennsylvania Ave.
Glen Ellyn, IL
(630) 469-5760


Do you remember the 21st night of September (2006)?  Because that's the day the urban-meets-suburban, super-chic boutique, AliKat, opened its doors for the first time.  The date was just a coincidence, but they all get a kick out of it it looking back.  Owner Sandy Moore had a career in financial services for twenty years.  After taking off a few years to be a mom, she wanted a career that she could invest in while still being available for her family.  Always an aficionado for local businesses, and an avid fashion lover, she opened AliKat.  

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For many, a boutique thrives on the idea of potential.  Just the idea of stepping into a little world of retail bliss, searching around and finding something that truly calls to us is enough to keep us going.  Sandy completely relates.  "When we go on vacation, we seek out little boutiques, I love searching for those unique finds," says Sandy.  AliKat definitely provides that exciting sense of mystery with all its amazing detail.  Since recently expanding the store, it offers even more.

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In all of its magic, AliKat draws upon a certain impeccable style.  Sandy's friend and employee Didi chimed in: "Sandy's brought her personal style to the business.  She's stayed true to it while she's been here."  Among her style values is the belief in quality denim.  AliKat carries the big names: Hudson, AG, Joe's, Lucky, Miss Me.  In my humble opinion, the jeans area is probably the coolest part of the store!  Sandy's devotion to denim shows. "When you're wearing great jeans every day, it's the best investment you can put into your wardrobe.  I'm sold on the quality of jeans."

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Always keeping her ear to the ground, Sandy keeps track of the needs and changes in AliKat's hometown, Glen Ellyn.  Ever since its opening, AliKat has constantly been changing its inventory to meet the needs of the people of Glen Ellyn. After noticing there was no pet store, Sandy brought in (very, very cute) pet supplies.  Also wanting to offer more of an assortment of gifts, Sandy carries great cards and even Uglydolls!  (If you're not hip to the Uglydoll craze, you are missing out!)  "I was trying to fill the void in downtown Glen Ellyn that was missing.  We've evolved and I'm really comfortable with where we are," explains Sandy.

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Love what you see?  Want some of it for yourself?  AliKat is graciously giving away a Nakamol crystal beaded cuff bracelet.  All you have to do is use the raffle widget below to enter.  Better yet, if you make a trip into AliKat and fill out a client card, you'll get TWO entries! 

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  1. Great blog! Love the boutique rec's, especially since I'm living in the Chicago area myself!!


  2. Hope you get the chance to visit, Michelle!


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