Thursday, May 8, 2014

French bangs

Francoise Hardy
Jane Birkin
Lou Doillon
Jane Birkin

It's nothing new to be inspired by the French.  We tend to take to their effortlessness, or at least our Americanized perception of effortlessness.  Hey, we have to have aspirations, right?

If there's one thing I'm extra glomming onto these days, it's the late-sixties-early-seventies hairstyles marked by messiness and choppy bangs.  I love how their hair is neither pin-straight or perfectly curled.  It's natural, imperfect and full of style.  I find myself listlessly scrolling the images of Pinterest, imagining a rock and roll lifestyle and sweet urban flats with big open windows. 

Being the hair chameleon that I am, I decided to take the plunge after enough Pinterest sessions. 

I'm pretty fond of the new look!  Still getting used to styling.  I've found that I like their air-dried appearance more than a round brush + hair dryer look. 

Has anyone else made a big change based on Pinterest findings?  Or am I the only crazy out there? ;)

images via Pinterest


  1. Looks great! If my hair would air dry in any sort of normal manner, I would maybe go back to bangs. I am a frizz ball without my blow dryer!


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