Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How many products does it take?

Putting on makeup is part of my daily routine.  I always feel more put-together and confident if I'm made up, even if just a little.  So, when I read this article on Huffington Post, I was shocked to see that I'm in the minority!  Here's what they had to say about women's beauty habits:
"In a study of women ages 18-25, 67 percent said they use 0-3 products in their morning hair and beauty routine. In contrast, 20 percent said they use 4-7 products and 10 percent said they use 8-12 products. Only 3 percent of young adult women use 12+ products in the morning."
Surprised?  Not so surprised?   After reading this, I thought about my own habits a little.  On days off, I still put on makeup, but less than I would if I were headed to work.  However, even though I'm wearing less, I still feel just as put-together.  Though my list is probably in the 4-7 range, I could probably bring myself down to three: brow definition, mascara, and blush (I'm a huge fan of Benefit's "Benetint" liquid stain).  Usually I throw on a bit of bronzer and eyeshadow, but I don't necessarily need that to feel ready.

How many products are in your daily routine?  Here's a bit of fresh-faced inspiration to get you thinking about paring down:


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  1. I definitely have been wearing less makeup as I get older...partly due to laziness haha. The fresh faced look comes out more in the summertime too, since it's so HOT here any makeup besides some mascara would melt right off. It's about time for a lash/brow tint too since my lashes tend to disappear without mascara! Happy Friday :)

  2. I am surprised by the data, not because I personally wear a lot of make-up, or use a lot of products, but because I often feel that I'm in the minority, and it seems MOST women DO do stuff like that. It's actually comforting and nice to know that I'm not, in fact, in the minority. At least not according to the study and the women surveyed.

    I go through phases with my own make-up. When I want to feel especially dressed up or pretty, I will put on make-up (eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, blush). I just feel PRETTIER with make-up on. But still, I don't like taking the time, even the 30 seconds it usually takes me, to do it most of the time. Part of that is b/c I don't like taking it OFF at the end of the day, as that is more of a chore than putting it on (though still, it only takes 30 seconds to a minute). The one part of make-up that I almost always use is blush. I feel it gives my face a little color and not so washed out. I also typically curl my eyelashes to make them stand out, even w/o mascara. Those are the 2 things I do on "non-make-up" days.

    Hair products... zero. Shampoo, conditioner, and let it air dry. That's my hair routine. :)

  3. I totally know what you mean about taking it off! I sometimes base my decision to wear makeup on how many hours I'll actually get out of it before it's time to take it off. After an evening run, if we have dinner plans, it's chapstick, folks. ;)

  4. You're right! it's one of the beauties of summer. Thank goodness for a little sun-gifted color!


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