Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An ode to Giverny

Yes, for the millionth time, I am about to pen a blog post about my severe love for Kate Spade.  If you're completely over it, tune out.  But, if you would love to witness the beauty of true love, read on.

Fashion dictates itself.  In the world of fashion, we occupy ourselves with a spiraling constant of themes: abiding by rules, hurriedly seeking new trends, exploring the zeitgeist of the current -- a mad rat race of sorts.  Designers and retailers hurry to be the first on the scene.  It produces some madly gorgeous results.  I think by now we can safely say that we have perfected the skinny jean.  A Hudson Nico will always and forever be my staple.  And airy blouses?  Thank you, Joie, Antik Batik, etc.  Designers run hand in hand to bring us the most beautiful of the day's mode.

And then there's Kate Spade.  In a "Honey Badger don't give a $#!^" flair, Kate Spade is a bit like a daydream, a brief escape into fantasy, the pause that follows a deep exhalation.  Yes, a trend will be seen here or there, but, to me, most of what they create involves more art than trend.  I think the accessories of their new Giverny collection prove it to be so:

kate spade new york Giverny Floral Scarf

kate spade new york Giverny Floral Bangle

kate spade new york Giverny Floral Mesh Bracelet

kate spade new york Giverny Floral Linear Earrings

kate spade new york Giverny Floral Multi Strand Necklace

Monet's Giverny

Calling upon the soft and beautiful garden tones of Monet's Giverny garden, Elegant enough for a black tie affair, and also perfect in cooperation with a beat up gray tee (and probably those Hudsons), this line is elegance, simplicity, grace and FUN at once.  I absolutely love that anytime I cruise over to shop her site, I can be sure to find pieces that outglow winter, that outstep boundaries of current trends, that call to me. 

At least I know I am mad.

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