Monday, February 3, 2014

A girl crush AND comfy shoes


It would appear that I have developed a new girl crush.  Lucy Williams is a London-based blogger who, in my opinion, has a personal style worth of reckoning.  She has something of a rocker-chic, beachy, grounded, yet pulled-together style that feels enough like it's current, yet also comfortably familiar.  Basically, she's the cool girl whose closet I'd love to raid.  Her blog is over at

One of her latest posts touches on what can be a touchy subject amidst the over-polished trend happening in the fashion blog world.  For me, it's completely refreshing to see a new sense of style projected, something with a little more truth in wear; an ensemble both realistic and fashion forward.  I have, in times past, been caught up in emulating an over-complicated, replicable, and readily identifiable "look" as defined by certain bloggers du jour. 

I'll get to the point:  I love that she put sneakers in her post.


I've found myself with a common nostalgia for the style of denim that she is attempting to find: "You know the sort; not boyfriend, not skinny, something in between and altogether nostalgic for anyone who grew up in the 90s."  Her sentiments took me back to my first pair of Jordache jeans, which were both comfortable and (at least in my opinion) stylish.  There is an air of effortlessness when it comes to dressing in items that truly feel good.  We're not talking sweats, here.  A bit of a refined eye (and brutal honesty) will bring us to a place where we can embrace comfort as an ingredient of our personal style.  

One controversial subject, therein, is sneakers.  Where do they belong?  Is it possible to bring them out of the resolute staple piece of American tourists in foreign cities?  Have we permanently tarnished the opportunity to actually have comfort and fashion in balance?

I think not.  Selecting a pair cannot be of inconsequence, however.  And nor can the resulting outfit.  Above, Lucy demonstrates this through a pairing of feminine accessories and classic fashion pieces: a striped tee, a menswear watch, classic gold hoops, a leopard clutch.

Interested in giving it a try?  Here are a few of my favorite picks:
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