Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adventures in felting

There is something about the depths of winter that turns me toward my crafty instincts.  It was just after Christmas.  It seemed that everything was planned to the minute.  The idea of another thing on the calendar was overwhelming.  However, my aunt suggested we get some of the girls in the family together for a felting class.  At the time, I was a little nervous about adding one more thing to the calendar, but now, in the middle of February, I was SO glad for something to do!

After meeting up for a quick lunch, we headed out into the country (Big Rock, IL to be specific) and stepped into Esther's Place.  As soon as you walk in, yarn, fabrics, fibers and beautiful samples are just EVERYWHERE.  It was great to walk around and get inspiration. 

We eventually made our way into a cheery, sun-filled room where our instructor, Natasha, taught the class.  Step by step, she walked us through turning fluffy wool into a sweet little sheep.  It's a combination of winding the wool and pushing a barbed needle in and out.  It's amazing how the fibers bind together and a form is slowly made!  It's also very easy.  Little materials are required and it's not that time consuming.

Halfway through we had a tea break with lovely antique china!

My finished sheep!

Sitting around the table, I realized what a creative family I have!  I love that we were able to connect over an art project.  It's always good to be together, but this was an especially fun day.

If you're in the area, check out Esther's Place!  They also offer a plenty of other classes such as canning, jam-making, knitting, etc.

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