Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stay-in Sundays

Like the unfamiliar sense of quiet that inevitably follows chaos, my Sunday has arrived.  The (enormous) pile of dishes from Thanksgiving is done, friends and family have been hugged goodbye, work has closed its chapter for the week, and I am left in my cozy house with my little family to endure the peace.

Thanksgiving was a success!  I roasted my first-ever turkey and it came out -- well -- beautifully.  The skin was a glistening, glowing brown, and the meat was juicy and flavorful.  Thanks, Pioneer Woman!  My favorite part, the sweet potatoes with bacon, is already depleted of its wares.  With little more left than a few scraps of turkey and a spoonful or so of stuffing, it has officially ended.  How wonderful it was to look across my table at the gathering of guests, enjoying each other and the food!  To host is exhausting, but so fulfilling.  Looking forward to the next chance to host a meal.

Today, my plans involve staying as cozy as possible.  Here are some bits of comfy to encourage you to stay tucked in, too!

stay-in sundays

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