Saturday, November 30, 2013

The perfect jacket.

Once upon a time, I had this silly idea that I only needed one coat.  Maybe two.  One fancy, one puffy.  I kept my bases covered, and life was easy.  Which jacket to choose?  Oh, but I only have two, so one will do. 

... said the girl who hadn't seen the light when it came to coats!  The concept of layering as a necessary process of dressing came to knock me in the face at my first retail job.  As a matter of fact, it was mandated.  Unless I was wearing at least three pieces, I was considered under-dressed.

The college-girl in a sweatshirt and jeans came face-to-face with the graduate who needed her wardrobe to grow up.  I began to costume myself in these layered ensembles, waltzing into work feeling quite... different.  All these layers weren't necessarily my thing, and I felt a little strange.  But then, over time, I realized what fun it is!  You can only wear the same shirt the same way so many times, but when you introduce a layer above or below it, it becomes totally different!

"Layering" is something I've been getting a hold of over the years.  It's about knowing what pieces to throw together, and doing it in a way that looks authentic to your personal style.  So, naturally, when I find a layering pieces that screams "me" and would work with a hundred things in my closet, I freak.

Enter, this Free People jacket I saw online today!
The embroidery is so pretty, but so classic with its black and white.  And I love how even though it's all embroidered, it's not over-the-top girly.  The chunky hardware and sleeve zippers make it just grounded enough.  Did I mention the embroidery?!?  What's more, I love how this has the opportunity to be both outerwear and a great layering piece.

Santa, baby.  Just slip a jacket under the tree for me.

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