Sunday, January 19, 2014

A bevy of bangles

I've always had an affinity for a more worldly aesthetic.  I distinctly remember being twelve years old on a lakehouse vacation.  I had a PB Teen catalog along with me, and I brooded and obsessed over a room featured in the magazine.  It showed stacked suitcases for a side table.  The bedspread was a beautiful bounty of colors strewn together, and a mysterious and foreign-seeming lantern hung peacefully in the corner.  I wanted it so bad.  I wanted to jump inside it and live there.

I tend to be a bit omnivorous when it comes to trends and fashion -- jolting between preppy stripes and rugged neutrals, but the worldly look always comes back for me.  Never one to leave my house without an armful of bracelets stacked up, I'm more than delighted to see that the layered trend has resurfaced for yet another season.

Unlike a showstopping statement piece, layered jewelry takes a more tame route.  But, in its quantity and careful placement, it tells a great deal about the wearer, and gives an in-depth story.  The beauty is in the balance -- a few larger pieces with a bevy of small ones.

The best part of it is that it seems there are no rules.  Even mixing metals has made its way into the mainstream.  So, worry not if your favorite tiny bracelet is silver and your big statement guy is gold.  Put them together and let that be that. Designer Women's Fashion Brands

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eternal circle gold filled eternity necklace by PetiteCo on Etsy

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