Saturday, November 9, 2013

Too lazy to do what you love?

You know what feels really good after a long day of work?  Sitting on my butt.  And I feel pretty good about doing that for about 30 minutes, and then all of a sudden three hours have gone by, I've memorized my Pinterest feed, and I've blown through two PB&Js and countless goldfish.  By the end of it all, I actually feel worse than I did when I first sat down! 

I can totally respect Nike's "Just do it" campaign.  Especially when I'm feeling lazy, when I just get out there and exercise, write a blog post, clean my kitchen, write my emails, finish that project, I end up feeling SO much more accomplished!  Pushing through that barrier is really tough, though.

What do I really love?  Like seriously?  The feeling I get after a great workout.  When I'm drenched in my own sweat, red and blotchy, and all that good stuff.  It's pretty much the opposite of how I appear on the job.  There's something about a good workout that is so renewing.  All the commotion, stress, toxins, too-big-of-a-lunch cramps and all just disappear.  It's just the getting out there and doing it that's so hard.  It's so funny to me!  I'm often too lazy to do the things that make me the happiest!  Am I crazy?

Today I was really ready to crack open a cold one and nosh on some spaghetti with Mike, but instead, I put the spaghetti on hold (excuse number one: but I'm huuuuungry!), laced up my shoes and ran to the gym which was set to close in one hour (excuse number two -- how would I even have enough time for a full workout?). 

I just finished that spaghetti, and you know what?  It tastes better than it would have if I had just spent the last two hours in the Pinterest Zone.  I earned it, and all its meatball-y goodness, too.


  1. Oh no, I do the exact same thing. I haven't figured out how to have a social life or hobbies AND work ten hours six days a week yet! Held down a gym membership and working out regularly for about three months after the new year... don't know what happened there haha. I'll figure it out someday! Hope you're well :)

  2. Oy! It's a balancing act. ;)


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