Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wearable friends.


Noir Jewelry Jaguar Ring

Maybe my interest in animal rings started way back when I was small and my mom had a turtle ring that moved.  I'd steal it for a while and me and my new turtle friend would enjoy our new friendship.  I'd show it wild and exotic places like the playground, or the closet in the spare room, or the depths of beneath my bed.  Over time, I made real friends and the turtle ring fell by the wayside.  Couldn't even tell you where it is now -- maybe we weren't the best of friends?

Just imagine my delight at having a second chance with wearing animals in ring form!

OK, no, I'm not crazy, but I do like the bit of pizzazz that an unexpected animal ring brings to the table.  It turns an otherwise ordinary tee and jeans ensemble into something that can be considered measured and planned for (i.e. those mornings you just can't get it together and need a simple, easy piece to spice things up for you).  Maybe it has something to do with being of the Tomagotchi generation, in which it's best to have simple access to your portable "friends."  But what can I say?  I like what I like.

If spending $200 on a trendy piece isn't your cup of tea, just google "animal rings" and behold (and laugh a little) all the options out there!

This one had me laughing!

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