Monday, August 26, 2013

A cool and simple hair trick

I love the idea of throwing something unexpected into your normal routine.  It keeps things interesting!  Same goes for a what could be very boring messy bun.

I was cruising around Etsy and saw this great hair idea!

Gold Bumble Bee Bobby Pins - The Original Hair Pins Featured on Etsy, Pinterest & Tumblr

These little bumble bees are adorable!  And not in the juvenile way that some hair pins can be.  They're small enough that they're not stealing the show, but merely hinting at a playful, adventurous side of the wearer.  They also polish up the messy pony a bit, making for a simpler morning of styling! 

Here's another similar creation, but maybe a bit more daring:

Gold Butterfly Bobby Pins Bridal and by shopelizabethperry

I think I'd try this look, too!  (Maybe just one butterfly.)

These both come from Elizabeth Perry Collections.  She has a great shop with headbands, jewelry, pins, and other beautiful pieces!  Check it out here

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