Sunday, April 14, 2013

Honeymoon: To delay or not to delay?

I think that a big topic that comes up for engaged couples is whether or not to go on a luxe honeymoon right after the wedding.  Sure, if I had my druthers, an hour after the wedding, we'd be jet-setting off to a lush little desert island meant for just the two of us.  Yeah, and I'd also like to have a shoe closet the size of my entire house.  In the depths of wedding planning, it's sometimes difficult to separate fantasy with reality.

Mike and I had originally planned a two-week road trip across the country for our honeymoon.  A year ago, it seemed totally attainable.  However, as we got closer, we realized the reality of our budget.  And my PTO time.  And my breaking away from a job I'm just starting to get in the swing of.  And the fact that Mike doesn't get PTO.  This fun adventure that I'd been looking forward to actually began to become a source of massive stress!  No fun.  No, thanks.

We decided to take a "mini-moon" in Saugatuck, MI for the few days after our wedding.  I'm looking forward to staying in a sweet little B&B, the Wickwood Inn to celebrate the first days of our marriage.  With a daily breakfast and evening cocktail hour sprinkled into our days of exploring little shops, eating at little restaurants, and vegging by Lake Michigan, I know it'll be just right.

Now that that's settled, we've had time to think about the future, and our big honeymoon!  We've been set on Hawaii, but this article has got me thinking outside the box. 

Check out the amazing views!

Igloo Village, Switzerland

Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

Underwater room in Maldives

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

So, has anyone else out there postponed their honeymoon?  Was it worth the wait?  I think, in the end, we get a sweeter deal!  We're looking forward to our wedding and little getaway, and then we'll have a big trip to look forward to!


  1. Oh my goodness! The first St. Lucia picture, in the mountains... that one is the one I'd pick! Though the Switzerland one is incredible too, in the glass dome.

    Though I'm not married, I agree that weddings and honeymoons often add a source of stress (financial and otherwise) to a newly married or getting married couple. And again, having not personally experienced it, I guess I can't judge. But I don't get it. I don't get the couples who go into massive debt for a day.

    Personally, I think it would be more enjoyable to postpone and do something really awesome, when you're not going to be stressed about it, than do it right away just b/c you feel like you "should." Not that you don't want to, of course... just saying.


  2. that is the COOLEST PLACE UNDERWATER!!!!! Wow, i didn't know it existed, but now i REALLY want to go!!! We also did the "minimoon"...but 5 1/2 a half years later (and 3 kids) i think the real "moon" may be in retirement!!!


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