Thursday, March 14, 2013

Make it feel like spring..

...even when it's not quite there yet. 

Driving home last night, I appreciated the sun still being in the sky.  That's step one.  Lighter, longer days.  Now, the temp just needs to crawl back up! 

And for when that doesn't work, the little things will keep me perked up.

I got these sunglasses with Mike at-- believe it or not-- Target!  I tried on quite a few before I settled on these.  Yes, I still have an obsession with all things (and especially accessories) Kate Spade, but at my rate of losing/breaking/gnarling sunglasses, I'm starting with these.  Here's my promise to myself:  If I make it the whole summer without absolutely ruining these, next year I'm getting my favorites.

The other spring fun thing is this sample of Curve Appeal, sent to me by Glamour.  I've been in a program with them, called "Glambassadors," since 2009.  They send me amazing things to try out.  Last year it was Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble.  It's a little treat this time, but this scent is LOVELY!  I remember using Curve back in junior high.... and I never touched it since.  This is a more grown-up version, with soft notes of florals and just enough warmth too.  I'll be sporting it this week!  I'm almost out of my stand-by, j'adore, so we'll see what comes next!

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  1. I thought I was the only one who can't seem to keep a pair of sunglasses in good shape!
    Seriously, in all other areas of my life I'm organized and stuff lasts forever. What is it about sunglasses? I go through multiple pairs every year. They just break. Well, obviously they don't "just break" sitting on the table. But I don't think I'm THAT rough with them to cause it. Maybe so. I've wondered if I invested in more expensive, hopefully higher quality sunglasses, if they'd last longer. But honestly, I'm afraid to risk it. So I typically spend no more than $20 on any pair, that way when they do break, it's not a huge loss and I just go out and buy another pair.


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