Monday, March 11, 2013

Balayage who?

Let's start off this conversation by saying that I love being blonde.  I love having blonde hair.  I don't know what it is, but it brings out this inner bombshell-y, vixen-y, big, bold self that I could get used to.  Nothing's wrong with brown hair -- actually, I find it quite beautiful still.  There's just something about striking out on my own and creating a color for my favorite accessory.  That accessory would be my hair.

I've been getting regular highlights over the past year, gradually taking me from brunette to blonde.  Now that I know what the upkeep is, I need to start modifying my blonde.  My hair grows pretty fast, and that buttery blonde color soon moves over for the stark, dark roots that form in no time.

So, the whole ombre thing?  It's had its moment.  But it's sticking around.  Now, rather than dip-dyed tips, I'm seeing pretty, natural-looking hair that looks lightened by the sun.  Very surfer girl.

Hair accessory

Hair accessory (clipped to

I love, love, love these colors!  It's so pretty and warm, yet natural looking.  See how it very gradually gets lighter toward the ends?  

What do you think?  To balayage or not to balayage?

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  1. I like the balayage...if I even used that word right, I've never heard it before. Lol. I like the natural blond look, I'll say. With the different colors. Natural blonds almost always aren't a single blonde color, as many non-natural blondes are.

    It's funny b/c I'm a natural blonde (pretty similar to the picture actually) and I always wanted dark brown hair! I even dyed my hair brown once in college (myself) and hated it! Maybe if I'd gotten it professionally done I would have liked it better, but as it was, when I looked in the mirror it just wasn't me. It was the temporary kind, supposedly taking like 20 or so washes to wash out. Not so for me...took more like 50! Some days I stood in the shower and repeatedly washed my hair to try to wash it out. I haven't dyed my hair since.

    The only other hair thing I've done is highlight it with blondes... in the winter when my hair naturally gets a little darker. That was ok. But you're right, the upkeep is awful. Even for me, since I was still dying my hair lighter than it normally was, I could see it when it grew out, which I didn't like.
    So since I'm not someone who wants to spend the time or money keeping up a good dye job, I don't dye my hair. Sometimes I still think about it, but then I remember my past experiences and change my mind. Natural is just so much easier!

    That being said, I do like you as a blonde. Of course, I don't know you any other way, as the only pictures I've seen of you are on here, and you have the blonde hair. But I thought you WERE a natural blonde until this post! :)
    My sisters both dye their hair regularly, either to maintain, or to make drastic changes. I like it. I admire it in other people. Maybe I'll give it another try someday (with a professional).



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