Saturday, March 9, 2013

Face your fears

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My good friend Monika recently turned me on to a new blog, The Daily Love.  As it is currently, I'm getting a little tired of the same ol' same ol' when it comes to reading blogs.  I need something with a little more SUBSTANCE!  Now and then, I really appreciate a stellar outfit or an beautifully stacked set of bangles.  Do I need to see it from each and every blog post?  No, not really.

So, I'm seeking to expand my daily reading and writing to be more all-encompassing, and maybe more meaningful and inspiring to the people who share this online community.  I feel that there is a reason that I write, and I want to expand myself beyond where I have been.

Today, a post on The Daily Love discussed fear and our reactions to it. 

For me, when opportunity comes, I usually want to hide in my bed or under something. I want to retreat and not go out into the world. It is EXACTLY moments like this that I know I must keep going.

 I feel that I am met with the same feelings when I feel fear.  For example, way back in high school, I got into cross country.  It was the first time I really delved into an individual sport.  I worked hard at it, and got good (by my standards).  But then, I got to a point where I scared myself because I didn't know what was possible!  I felt dread every time a meet came up, and wouldn't want to run.

Most recently, I've been given a wonderful opportunity to develop myself into a strong leader in my career, and it's scary!  Each day, individual situations come up that try me and challenge me.  I know that I can work hard, but there is still the little voice inside me that questions, "What if you fail?"  It's enough to make me want to hide under the sheets and stay in bed!

It's so important to identify when we feel this way, to accept our fear and then meet it with strength and perseverance.  We are exactly where we need to be at this moment in time, and each day brings learning and growth.

What are you afraid of?  Identify it!


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    2. Emily,

      It's funny you mentioned cross country b/c I had the same experience in track. I chalk it up to not being competitive at that point in my life, but perhaps it was something deeper. I remember one particular meet, a big one where we were running agianst big schools, where I knew I wouldn't do well (based on the times everyone posted they could run my event in). I was SO afraid of coming in last and being embarrassed and humiliated that I faked being sick. I stayed in a bathroom stall and didn't come out! Lol... When a teammate and friend came in to check on me, I told her I wasn't feeling well and couldn't run and to tell our coach. Pretty cowardly, but that's how scared I was.

      As for my fears now, my biggest one is people don't really like me. Even if they seem to, or say they do, they don't. I had an experience when I was 6 years old when I overheard my "friends" and acquaintenances saying how they didn't really like me. One girl started it (who I didn't really like to begin with and wasn't great friends with), and the others just chimed in. ONE girl actually spoke out and said SHE liked me and thought I was nice. I know... this is almost 30 years ago and it's still stuck in my head and affecting the way I interact with people. I think this has shaped why I don't have a lot of friends. I have a couple who I truly believe like and care about me. I've tried to make more, but it hasn't happened. I think sometimes I put off a vibe of "don't get too close to me" and people sense it, consciously or not.

      I liked this post... now I'm going to catch up on your others. :)



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