Sunday, March 10, 2013


Appreciate That! | Snowbroader.EU
Today, something dawned on me.  I need to learn to appreciate the good in my life more than I do.  For a very, very long time, I was always concentrating on the next thing.   

Yes, I am accepted to college, now I need to plan that path! 

Yes, I am transferring to a new school with broader opportunities, now I have to figure that out!

I am changing my major to a totally new territory, now adjust to that!

I am not so interested in teaching, like I thought... so figure out a new path!

Take whatever part time jobs you can find to make ends meet while figuring out the next step.

then, finally....

Wow, I have secured a full-time job in something I'm interested in, and it challenges me personally and professionally.

Finally, for the first time in my life, my path changed course.  It's no longer about the next thing, it's about delving in and really learning something new.  It's about looking at the same thing many ways, not moving forward, but building up.  Now is the time to sink in my roots and appreciate the grounding and the stability.  It's time to push myself to new expectations on a professional level, and it's also time to give back to myself. 

I feel a calling to nourish my body, to exercise, to pay attention to my happiness and fulfillment.   The forward-moving momentum has come to a stop, giving me the slightest bit of whiplash, but it's time to catch my breath.  I am challenging myself to seek the things that I appreciate and learn from myself.

Appreciating my AWESOME orange chair, where many a blog post is written.

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  1. I love your orange chair and writing spot!! :)

    I could definitely relate to this post. I also was always looking forward. The times I *thought* I found a career path I could stay on for a while, I realized I didn't want to be on that path after all. I think we discussed this already, but I was a teacher too. And after several tries, I finally accepted that wasn't for me. Then I thought I found "it" as an ASL interpreter. Again, I worked in a school, where I was comfortable, but quickly got bored with it. (Hmm... I'm realizing now that I was AFRAID of getting really good at signing (my teachers often told me I was quite good and I knew I was better than a lot of my classmates). I was AFRAID of putting myself in new and uncertain interpreting situations, b/c I might misinterpret something or not understand the client and make a fool out of this ust hit me, and I'm just coming off of reading your last blog about being afraid to succeed, interesting). I'm working at a florist and writing, where I feel "safe." I'm actually realizing as I type this that I stopped pursuing interpreting out of fear. I could have sought a job NOT in a school, but I was afraid. Afraid of not being good enough, afraid I wouldn't like it after all, and mostly afraid of getting in an interpreting job and NOT being able to do it. Then what?



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