Friday, March 1, 2013

Back to basics

Sometimes, when I get dressed, I just don't FEEL like it!  Some days it's nice to just throw on what you've got and make it work for you.  A classic pair of jeans, trusty shoes, and a crisp, simple top.  I read Sincerely Jules almost daily, and her style is so cool-girl.  She's a little more edgy than I am, but she also has a great sense of balance and basics. 

Flipping through my reader, this pic popped up from one of her posts:
Sincerely, Jules: Photo Diary.

I'm sorry, but how cool is this girl?  I love the classic, crisp white shirt and simple accessories.  The look is just so "I don't care, but I'm still so chic."  Even her handbag doesn't have time for fuss, so there's not strap.  Just a pair of sunnies on the tabletop elevate her to super-cool.  And the menswear inspired watch?  LOVE.

Thanks for helping me get dressed today, Jules.


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