Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A happiness project

One of my values as a person is to share.  I'm a sharer.  Nothing makes me feel more valuable or worthwhile than when I'm sharing something with someone else.  I don't know what it is about the human connection, but something about it makes me HAPPY.  

Sometimes, though, it's hard to be happy.  Sometimes I'll wake up in the morning and feel dreadful about the day to come.  Sometimes I worry all day long, even on my days off.  Sometimes I want to kick myself for it, so that makes me mad AND worrisome.  

For bringing me back onto the happy track, it's really all about making some little tweaks and re-directing negative thoughts.  If I can catch a negative thought as it approaches, I can really hold it up to the light, study it, find out where its coming from and then DO something about it.  It's empowering!  Thoughts come quickly, one after the other.  When I worry, it seems like my worrisome thoughts are appearing and taking shots at me at 100 mph.  No fun.  

I was intrigued when a representative from Happify approached me about pioneering a new program that "uses media, interactive activities and games to help users form daily happiness habits and build social connections with like minded happiness seekers."  I decided to take this as a welcome sign and step forward.

I'm now a "pioneer" user of Happify.  

I started the program by completing three activities that were prompted to me.  One involved gratefulness for things about my home life, one asked me to describe something I'm looking forward to, and another had me play a fun little game where I had to find items in a big, involved picture.  It reminded me of a videogame I used to play as a kid.  Purple Moon, anyone?  

Since the tasks are very brief in nature, they're easy to do anywhere.  Only a few are unlocked every day, so you can't go overboard.  I'm excited to see what tasks await me tomorrow!

Anyone else ever feel in need of a boost?  What things do you do to bring yourself back on track?


  1. I am TOTALLY a sharer, sometimes I share too much.
    Happify sounds interesting, a good way to lighten up your day.
    When I'm feeling down, I open my daily book of positive quotations and try to apply what it said for that day, or I read my daily bible inspirations. They actually have an app for bible inspirations, who knew? Lol, but that always brings me back some positive energy.

    1. It's so important to know what brings you back to a place of happiness and being centered. The most powerful tool for getting through the day-to-day!


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