Monday, November 19, 2012

Staple shoes.

Let's get this straight: I love shoes as much as the next girl.  Really.  However, I love simplicity and function even more.  For me, there are two types of shoe shopping.  There's the "I need some killer shoes that will make me dazzle" shopping, and then there's the "I need shoes that will go with every freakin' thing in my closet because I just don't have the TIME today" shopping.  For the latter, I have stumbled upon a pot of shoe-gold. 

I found these puppies during a Target run earlier this month.  By Target run, I mean detailed shopping excursion when the original intent was to grab bread and milk.  Oh, you, Target.

Ankle booties

Here's what I love about them:  

1) They do not look cheap.  (In my opinion, at least!)  

2) When I put them on, I was surprised to find that they fit me -- really well!  Not to knock the big T, but several trips I took with the intent on buying flats fell flat.  

3) They are on SALE!  These will cost you less than $25.  Love it.

4) I've seen this style EVERYWHERE!  Booties are fashion-raging, and everyone from Dolce Vita to Rag & Bone are making these in an extremely similar style/color.

5) They seriously go. with. everything.  I wear them all the time with skinny jeans and whatever flowy top/sweater I'm currently addicted to.  I wear them with bootcut jeans.  I wear them with leggings and a tunic.  I wear them with a dress and tights.  I WEAR them.  

So, do yourselves a favor, and get these shoes.  That is all.

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