Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff Wishlist

I have a problem.  It's called Rebecca Minkoff.  With my bonus hour of life from daylight savings today, I decided to spend it holed up in my bed with my laptop finding my favorite pieces by Rebecca.  This is no easy task.  Have you any idea the number of wonderful things she has made?  After skimming through it all, here are my picks:

I have a great B.Makowsky bag that I love dearly.  It's a great shade of brown and I love its shape and size.  But it's brown!  I need a black bag.  What do you think of these?

Rebecca Minkoff handbag

Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag

Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag

And here's another that stole my heart.
Rebecca Minkoff clutch

What I really love about all of these bags is their versatility. They can all be converted to wear different ways. So, when I want a ladylike satchel on my arm, I can have that. But when it's too dang annoying to carry something in the crook of my arm all day, I have a great long strap that makes life easier.  You feel me on this?

Ok, and I got a little distracted from bag shopping.... found these...

Rebecca Minkoff dress

I love the structured cut, and the exposed zipper? So edgy! Obviously, the print is totally gorgeous, too.
Rebecca Minkoff jacket

This jacket. So versatile. I love the slight tuxedo shape to it, but also how it falls so feminine when it's left open. 

So, whatever you've decided to do with your extra hour of life, I hope that it is just as satisfying as my RM wishlist-ing.  Happy Sunday!  :)


  1. THe first selection is Seriously Sick. So versatile and little edgy.

  2. Loving your style!!

    A chic kiss ;)

  3. Ahh I always enjoy looking at her designs! She is so talented. I'm in love with that second bag!



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