Sunday, November 11, 2012

A fashionista's staple...

What's the common thread between all of these pictures?

Fash n Chips

Welcome To Of Jake's Rolex World...

Must Have Michael Kors Watches - StyleBistro

Preppy Cat

Preppy Cat (clipped to

Hint: Wristwear.  More specifically: Watchwear.  Even more specifically: Michael Kors Watchwear.  These babies have been on the market for a while now... this is not new trend reporting happening here.  I am not telling you that these are about to be big, much as I am not about to reveal the amazing new breakthrough of indoor plumbing.  They've been around!  And, yet, they have not died!

I feel like fashion trends have a spike and ride really strong for a season and then start to fade a little until they're seen as faux pas and "so last summer."  So what's happening here?  I think Michael struck something strong in the fashion world.  He's created a fixture of fashion, a standard in wristwear.  So... now I kind of want one.  I mean, they just have such substance and polish.  My inner person is a disheveled little tomboy, and I love the menswear influence that plays through with these.

Here's a few I have my eye on....

This one's my favorite right now.
MICHAEL Michael Kors watch

And these are great too!
MICHAEL Michael Kors watch

Michael Kors 'Gramercy' Round Bracelet Watch | Nordstrom

MICHAEL Michael Kors watch

So... impressions? Opinions? General comments?  What do you think of these?

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