Thursday, September 13, 2012

Easy fave: peasant blouse

When life gives us an "I want to wear my bathrobe all day" day, circumstances require that we improvise.  For these lovely occasions in life, fashion gives us the peasant blouse.  Choose one in a delicate pattern and fabric so that you don't actually look like a medieval peasant (that's just the inspiration, not the goal!!!).

Quite literally, peasant blouses (back when they were originally suiting peasants) had little structure, and usually some sort of tied waist to keep the billows in line.  They were easy to produce and took little tailoring before wearing.  Little did the original wearers know, they would start a fashion staple.  Centuries later, the blouse carries on, but in a much more fashionable way! 

Take, for example, Daniel Rainn's beautiful blouses (and some of these are on SUPER sale at Piperlime):

Daniel Rainn Senorita Embroidered Blouse | Piperlime

Daniel Rainn blouse

Daniel Rainn blouse

Daniel Rainn Silk Vintage Blouse | Piperlime

These blouses are delicate and beautiful (and much more tailored than the original version!).  They give you a carefree, feminine air.  It's the lightweight fabric and delicate patterns that do the trick.  If you need to add some definition, choose a style with a nipped waist.  Here's how I styled mine:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I simply layered mine over a basic white cami, added my favorite jeans and some crazy heels and I was ready to go!  Shoes can vary on this one.... but I'd pick something feminine even if it's not a heel.  A pretty little peep-toe flat could be just as charming!  Et voila!  A comfy outfit that's much more chic than your bathrobe.

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