Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rachel Zoe's Gold Necklace (And General Awesomeness)

Rachel Zoe is a huge inspiration of mine.  So naturally, when I stumbled across this video, I watched it!!!

I really enjoy that she is comfortable with a uniform of sorts... her black.  I think it can be a healthy choice to have a go-to.  If it works, work it!  What is not okay, though, is to be super boring about it.  Her necklace in this video did all the talking for me.... isn't it amazing?

Rachel Zoe necklace

Wearing all black when you have a crazy statement piece like that on your side? Totally ok!

As I've said a million times before, accessories are really the way to explore trends in fashion.  Since gold is having a major moment right now, I suggest you hit the ground shopping and see what kind of gold treasure you can find!  Pair it with your trusty black and you're good to go.

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