Thursday, August 23, 2012

Emily Gets Her Stetsons

There is an old movie, a very old movie, called "Bernice Bobs Her Hair."  It's about a woman in the 20s, who, well, bobs her hair.  It's so outrageous for the times, though, and it forever changes her.  Bernice goes from a quiet little thing to something BIGGER. 

I had my Bernice moment the other day.  My Stetson cowboy boots arrived at my front door on THE perfect day for them to do so.  I came home feeling quite defeated about something, but then I eyed the big white Zappos box, plunged into it with scissors, ripped out the Stetson box, yanked out the stuffing and hauled the boots on my bare feet in one shimmering moment.  Yeah, I felt a little like Bernice.  Instantly bad-ass-ified. 

Photobucket IMG_4530 IMG_4545 Photobucket

Whole new woman? Yeah, a little.

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