Saturday, August 18, 2012

In which the J.Crew models steal the show!

I got an e-mail alert that J.Crew's new fall collection went up on their site.  Naturally, I clicked over to start browsing the awesomeness.  Yeah, I found a whole lot of clothes that I want NOW, but I also found some major inspiration from the styling of the models.  Behold:

J Crew cardigan

J Crew top

J Crew top

I'm really digging the whole un-coiffed thing they have going on!  Minimal and natural-looking makeup paired with hair that looks a bit lived in is.... just so... right!  Perhaps it's just perfect timing for me or something.  I stopped fussing with the hot tools every day and scaling WAY back on the makeup process and I feel more like myself.  When I saw J.Crew take the natura-plunge, I was quite pleased! 

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