Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shake Your BOOTIES!!!

Shake Your Booties!

CUTE TREND ALERT!!! CUTE TREND ALERT!!! Ok, so booties aren't exactly new.... they've been around forever.  And that is so for a good reason.  They're a classic that can be spun into your wardrobe time and time again to meet current trends.  Yesterday I posted about the cuteness of boyfriend jeans.  Booties are the perfect complement to shorter pant styles, such as some cute boyfriend jeans, cuffed jeans, or any pant that cuts off just at the ankle. 

Once again, Rachel Bilson rocks the style wonderfully.

That Hawaiian Punch looks amazing, Rachel.

In order to pull off the look, you'll want to make sure that the smallest point of your ankle is exposed.  Cuff your pants, or wear pants that cut off just an inch or two above the smallest point of your ankle, and make sure that your booties show just a wee bit of the top of your foot.  We don't usually think of our ankles as sexy, but they really are a feminine and vulnerable area, and showing a hint is super attractive. 

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