Sunday, June 7, 2015

home accessory shopping

H&M assembly of boho lanterns and vases

home accessories

Found by reading the text below a pinned photo on Pinterest this morning, I discovered that H&M now has a home line?!  As a young adult who prioritizes eating and drinking well over luxury home furnishings, I was really pleased to make this discovery.  Just as with their clothing, this line calls upon current decorating trends at affordable price points.

We've been in Seattle for nearly a year, and have just secured our next apartment.  Once again, we're downsizing a bit, but for a great location and quick access to the things we've come to enjoy the most in the city.  One great up-side to our new place is the patio!  Though the apartment is smaller than our current one, the outdoor space holds a world of possibilities as an extra room. 

To nestle in and warm our new home, I'm daydreaming of small touches that add style and cohesion to a small space.  Running with a theme of luxe boho touches like the gold lantern and chic pillows, I'm hoping to create a calm and serene getaway from the busy city. 


  1. Yes! I really like H&M's home decor stuff. I've bought their pillow covers and an awesome teal throw for my bedroom. Love your picks here! :)

  2. Glad to know you like them! The pillow covers are fab. Thanks for commenting. :)


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