Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lately in WA

 We have had the most beautiful weather this past week.  On Sunday, we had plans with some new friends to hike Wallace Falls.  We set the date two weeks ago, and I watched as the weather app kept showing the forecast getting warmer and sunnier -- it ended up being 60 degrees and sunny!

The new friends have an amazing organic chicken and duck farm, and we got to check it out after the hike.  It was so cool to see such a huge amount of chickens all in one space!  It's actually just like that movie, Chicken Run.  They bawk and squawk in a pretty hilarious chorus.  They're happy chickens, if chickens can be happy. 

On Monday, we decided to check out the Ballard Locks.  It was another beautiful day, and it was great to feel and smell the salty mist as it went through the dam.  We finished the day at Golden Gardens beach, which is probably my favorite place in the city.

The superbowl is this weekend!  It's so exciting that our first winter here the Seahawks are making it there for a second time in a row! 

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