Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday on the Sound

One of the best things about moving across the country is that everything you encounter is totally new and exciting.  Since we've arrived in Seattle, we've had our fair share of daytrips and long drives out into the mountains.  However, one of the best treats is practically right in our back yard!  (Actually, it's just in the next neighborhood.) 

Golden Gardens Park is home to a beautiful sandy beach with quick access and ample parking.  Did I mention that it's only a 15 minute drive from our place?!  In Illinois, I'd have to drive an hour to get to anything that looked remotely close to this. 

After a busy week, we picked up a few sandwich wraps from Trader Joe's, put a few sodas in a cooler, and made off to paradise.  I spent hours reading, switching from magazines to the new Jeannette Walls book I'm reading, dipping my toes in the water, and snapping a few photos.  Amidst all the chaos that moving has been, this beach is a little sanctuary. 


  1. I'm envious! The closest thing I've got to a beach here in Dallas is, umm, well nothing I guess. Maybe a nearby lake? I'd have to drive many hours down to the gulf coast for this! Looks lovely. :)

  2. I'm a little scared of getting de-sensitized to it all! Although whenever I ask locals, they say they appreciate it all just as much as the newcomers.


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