Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Swedish Feet

Pictured: Maguba

It doesn't really come all that much as a surprise that the direction we are headed for fall footwear is a blend of the best of summer and fall footwear.  Clogs are somewhere between a bootie and chunky summer heel.  With cozy Swedish roots, they look great paired with a skinny jean and soft sweater.  

Especially out here in the Pacificic Northwest, they are already the footwear choice of the fashionistas.  They have a laid back allure that is still polished.  Also, since they have made their way in and out of the fashion scene over the years, they have a nostalgic appeal that I know I feel!  The last time I sported clogs was in junior high.  They were a beautiful cognac brown with a lace up the side.  

The ones above are from Hanna Anderson's new line for women, and here are more from Free People, Shopbop, and Sven.

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  1. Loving this new trend! I have been debating it, but how adorable do they look on Maguba?!? I think I'll be giving them a shot :) XO



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