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Spring polish: three tips and the trendiest new color

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Spring has sprung!  All around my neighborhood, little green shoots are popping out of the ground, the grass has turned a beautiful shade of green, a daffodil has bloomed, my deck is starting to look like a nice place to sit, and my nails are purple.

Beauty routines can become, well, routine.  For the most part, that's a good thing.  Lipcolor trends and winged eyeliner can be fun to play with, but we usually tend to stick with our old faithfuls with makeup.  That's why nail color can be so fun!

The freshest shade that everyone seems to be sporting is a springy lavender.  It's classic enough that it doesn't seem too trendy, but it's also a really fun change from the ol' light pink standby.  Or, if you are a dark nailcolor wearer in winter, this shade offers a little relief from the durges of darkness.

This weekend, I spared an hour to set aside for a much needed spring pedicure.  Sometimes I go to a salon, but it's just as easy to get a good pedi at home!  Here are some of my tried-and-true tips:

1) Maintain: It's much easier to keep smooth feet if you keep a little pumice stone in the shower.  Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just a little something like this will do.  Every time you shave your legs, reach for this little stone and buff away.  Do it at the end of your shower so your feet are nice and soft.

2) Light coats and patience: I have found that one big heavy coat of nail polish will easily chip and get those icky dents from your carpet, cat, shoes, whatever.  The best way to go about it (and to get the longest lasting pedi) is to apply two to three very light coats.  It might take a little longer, but it's worth it!  Also, apply starting with a blob in the middle toward the cuticle, then run to the end, then down each side (about three strokes).

3) Clear coat for class: I love the way my nails look when I leave a salon -- always glossy and shiny.  To get that expensive-looking sheen, give your nails a good layer of clear coat.  I find that it's best to wait several hours (or even until the next day!) to ensure that the layers underneath are dry.  This one from OPI is my favorite.

The best tip of all: don't rush!!!

on my toes: Essie "Lapiz of luxury"
Here are some other great shades:

purple nails

What do you think of this springy color?  It could be perfect for Easter!

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