Monday, March 31, 2014

Say "NO" to the dress

Growing up in the age of Harry Potter, I remember first seeing Emma Watson as the wiry Hermione Granger.  Her wavy hair wasn't necessarily anything to be envious of, and the Hogwarts uniform was... academic.  In a way, her contract with the filmmakers kept her under wraps, fashion-wise.  As soon as the series finished filming, she cut off all that hair and suddenly indoctrinated herself into the world of high fashion.  She has since let it grow back, but she has remained an icon of individuality and fashion.

As so many find difficult, she emerged from the ranks of child stars into the world of serious acting.  She's still getting all kinds of work, including the new Noah.  What I notice is that she isn't afraid to step outside the lines a bit when it comes to her appearances.  Of course, a classic gown/dress is acceptable.  But it's a bit expected. 

Two recent appearances show that menswear-inspired fashion can be sexy and feminine.

in J Mendel at Noah premiere

in St. Laurent at Letterman
In both instances, a sleek pointed-toe black stiletto feminizes the look, as does the classic makeup choices.  A red lip and smoky eye balance the hard lines of the suit, and the deep plum lip adds a shock of interest for the black and white jumpsuit.

How to wear:  If you're curvy, sometimes structured suit jackets can be complicated.  But a tailored trouser and a knit jacket, or a feminine blouse are great options.  As are the jumpsuits, often in a softer fabric with a defined waist.  No potato sacks!  Belting is always a great option for defining your waist.  If you're petite, show some skin to lengthen the silhouette: an ankle length pant paired with a heel works wonders.  Or, elongate with a flowy pant leg with a high waist.  The hem should nearly touch the floor.  If you're straight up and down, a buttoned jacket can add a great waistline. 

What do you think?  Would you consider ditching the dress for your next formal occasion and opting for something like this?

Photos via PopSugar
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  1. I don't think I could pull it off but emma watson looks amazing! x

  2. Don't sell yourself short! They're funny to have on -- sort of brings you back to the onesie days of old, but also really comfy!


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