Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back in the saddle

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NY Collection blouse, AG jeans, old belt and shoes, MK watch

After having been holed up for two and a half days, it was good to finally get out and get to work today.  I had a wicked combination of strep and an ear infection, which kept me laid out for several days.  The good news is that I finished the first season of Orange is the New Black (watch it now!) and caught up on my snoozing.  Sometimes it takes an icky bug to make you stop and relax.

Now that I'm back at it, I'm feeling a little more myself!  The outfit I wore today felt so me.  A simple silk blouse is such a great wardrobe staple.  It doesn't need any complicating or layering, and it's elegant in contrast to a pair of distressed jeans.  With the simplest of accessories, a menswear watch, simple hoops, a western belt, I felt complete but simple.  We were unusually busy at the store today, and I was grateful for my fuss-free getup.

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  1. Oh girl, I have had the strep/ear infection combo and it sucks big time! So painful. Glad you are better! Looking cute too! :)

    Monica M


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