Sunday, March 2, 2014

90s revival

90s revival

What goes around comes around, they say.  And this spring, I don't think it could be more true.  Like waiting for a batch of popcorn kernels to start popping, the first few pops come as a surprise.  They are random and shocking.  And so I saw bits of 90s revival, one shocking pop at a time.  It stirred within me a longing and nostalgia for the simplicity of my youth: my shiny black mini-backpack with the smilies, my white Easter sandals with the chunky heel, the flippy miniskirts and the cartoonish flowers that adorned everything.  Daisygirl137 was my very first screen name.

I have decided to embrace this revival, but with some care.  The moment I saw these French Connection sandals, I knew that an outfit was born.  I glanced over to Forever 21 to see if they had, too, embraced the mini floral miniskirts of days long gone, and what to my eyes did I see a plethora!  I actually had to choose from the masses!  Pairing a top is where this can get tricky.  It's easy to throw on a matching periwinkle cardigan and call it Easter 1997, but I chose to cheekily pull a nod to my favorite 90s sweatshirts with this fabulous Rebecca Taylor number.  Vintage in shape, but modern and luxe in its fabrication (and attention to detail, thanks to Rebecca).  A quick search for a mini backpack brought me plenty of options, but for this look, I wanted to keep it sophisticated.  This nude leather option from Kara still feels nostalgic yet keeps it current.  I was all ready to finish, but then I realized I was missing the one detail every 90s outfit needs: a daisy detail.  These adorable Marc Jacobs studs did just the trick.

Are you ready to dust off your 90s gems?  Are your old closets at your parents' still available for scouring? 

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