Thursday, November 14, 2013

For when you just don't feel like it...

There are days that come up when I just don't feel like standing in front of my closet for twenty minutes, trying to figure out the magical combination of clothing that will make me feel well dressed for the day.  Sometimes, I'll admit, there are days when I miss my park district teaching days so all I would have to do is throw on that hideous lime green tee shirt and leave.

One such day of the week is Saturday.  It seems to me that Saturdays have their own sense of style.  Like everyone silently agreed that we could take things back a step and get comfy for the day.  That doesn't have to involve living life in yoga pants, though.  Even in a basic sweatshirt and skinny jeans, I love the way accessories can finish the job.

I've been trying to resurrect my wedding necklace from its sweet little dustbag and incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe.  Maybe pairing it with some pretty plain duds seems a bit over the top, but that's my comfort level!  I also love the little oxfords I found at Baker's riiight before they went out of business.  Literally.  I stepped in, bought them for $10, and by the time the day was over, the lights were closed, store empty, tumbleweeds blowing.  I just made it.

Challenge: try to throw on a statement necklace that is just a bit more than you'd normally reach for.  See what happens as you go about your day.  It's fun to feel a little more sparkly!

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