Monday, November 4, 2013

A (distracted) mission for chocolate

Some time before my wedding, my mom decided that it was in our best interest to go into the city and find chocolate.  At the time, it was probably to soothe my hormonal wedding stress, but the thought stuck with us.  Yesterday, we finally got around to it.

We centered our efforts around the chocolate troves on Michigan Ave., which meant a quick stop by the Fourth Presbyterian Church courtyard, a beautiful little oasis (with green space!) right in the middle of the concrete jungle.  Since my blog photos usually provide some kind of struggle in finding a decent backdrop, a few shots were necessary!

Hudson jacket, Olive & Oak shirt, Kate Spade necklace and bag, J. Crew skirt, Splendid booties

my darlin' mum
I was cold.  I lectured myself for leaving behind my bulky winter jacket, fearing at the time that it would cramp my style.  I was so excited to give new life to my wedding necklace that I didn't want to cover it up with practical things like scarves and hats.  Joke was on me!  However, being that I couldn't take more than 10 minutes outside at a time made for a great excuse to do a little distracted boutique shopping.  

After a luxe hand treatment at Lush and a bit of trolling around, we stepped into Cusp, a Neiman Marcus boutique that I was so excited to check out!

My takeaway: great, great stuff!  Lots of great brands like Parker, Tibi, Robbi & Nikki, etc.  However, my favorite section was the SHOES!  Great variety, and they carry one of my favorites: Loeffler Randall.  Aren't these flats adorable?  They're calf hair, in case you can't tell.  Tres chic!  They also have the Alice & Olivia pumps that I'm dying for.

All in all, it was a great day spent with my mom.  My treasure for the day was a bag of truffles from Godiva, which are sitting ever so temptingly on my kitchen table, waiting for me to cave.  I think I'll save them for tomorrow's New Girl.  ;)

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