Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Door County Part 2

On Monday, Mike and I decided we'd go for a hike.  When we arrived at Peninsula State Park, suited up in a billion layers to keep warm, we decided we'd really go for it.  There was a lookout tower four miles away.  A connection of hiking trails could take us all the way.  We were feeling quite ambitious, so we just did it. 

The whole purpose of my week off and for this trip was to slow down, clear my mind, and refresh.  I got what I was asking for with the hike.  It was a true adventure.  Along the way, we encountered different "chapters": a grove of pines with such stillness it was almost eery, an explosion of yellow leaves hanging in a canopy above us, cliffs overlooking the depths below -- amazing. 

Reaching the lookout tower at the end felt like a real accomplishment! 

Trudging through the leaves on the way back, we indulged in great conversation.  We felt so alone in such a big place, and it was unimaginably cozy.  It's a pretty exciting thing to be married to your best friend.

Exhausted from our eight mile excursion, we spent the evening holed up in our room at the Blacksmith, drinking wine, ordering carryout cheese curds from the corner pub, and playing board games.  My calves are STILL killing me!

Leaving yesterday felt a bit like waking up for work Monday morning!  We knew the end would come, but we SO appreciated our time together in that great B&B.  I hope to return to the Blacksmith again soon! 

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