Monday, September 30, 2013

Sweat it out

sweat it out

This fall I've been loving the look of a kick-back, classic sweatshirt. You know the ones. They became kind of geeky back when hoodies took over, leaving only soccer moms sporting the things until everyone caught wise. Well, it's been in hiding for long enough, and the sweatshirt is coming back, and with some pretty awesome prints and cuts, to boot.

What to pair them with?  LEATHER!  It's all about mixing it up.  A sweatshirt is a little soft and innocent (and dare I say nerdy?).  It's best to throw things for a loop with something edgy on bottom.  Leather is an obvious choice, with its tough girl appeal.  If you're not ready to jump into leather leggings, though, a skinny jean with some cool zipper details will do.  Or even a snappy little miniskirt.  Don't forget to add your booties!

What do you think?  Ready to see sweatshirts on the mainstream again?

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