Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smart shopping: what to buy now

Shopping in transitional weather is maybe the trickiest thing to do. It's hard to make yourself buy thick, cozy sweaters when your swimsuit is still in regular rotation. But when all the stores are showing the heavier fall pieces, what is a girl to do?

Obviously, there are great reasons to have those season-specific pieces in your wardrobe. A chunky sweater with skinny jeans is a great option in the fall. As are bright sundresses for summer. But, to really get the most mileage for your buck, invest in something that you can work into your wardrobe all year round.

Case in point?  The silky blouse.

1) It's always in style, always classic, and never has to be rotated out of your closet.

2) It dresses up a pair of jeans.

3) It looks fresh when tucked into a skirt.

4) It is a great feminine counterpart to a blazer.

The list goes on. Here are some of my picks! 

a good classic blouse

Happy blousing!

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