Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Best Friend's Bachelorette

OK, so I miss wedding planning.  A lot.  Toward the end of our engagement, it was all I could think about -- and I was blissfully pleased with that!  Now that it's all over it's kind of like I'm missing an arm or something.  Not that I wish I'd have cared less during the process.  I loved it all and I'd go back and do it a hundred times over.

But since that's impossible, it's pretty convenient that my best friend happens to be getting married this week.  And I was in charge of planning her bachelorette party.  Coordinating the whole thing took me back to the initial days of planning my wedding.  So fun!

We surprised Miranda with a daytrip to Southwest Michigan to visit three wineries.  I decorated our cars with Krystal, another bridesmaid, and we set off!

It was a beautiful day and we had perfect weather.  After our big road trip, we put on our cowboy boots and headed to the Cadillac Ranch for a night of dancing and bull-riding.

We danced into the wee hours of the morning.  My takeaway: boot scooting to Sweet Home Alabama on a stage with your best friend is NEVER a bad thing.

Can't wait for the wedding on Friday!

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