Friday, May 10, 2013


I love a good workout.  Even more, I love when I don't have to wear my old junior high gymshorts (yes, I still have them) because I can't bring myself to spend a million dollars on activewear.  As I've been slowly acclimated into the "gym culture," I'm noticing that a LOT of women invest in their activewear.  At first, I thought it was kind of silly.  Now?  I think it feels nice to look nice, even when at the gym.  

Even when I'm doing a home workout, I prefer to have on the activewear that I know looks good.  Makes me feel like I've really invested in this whole fitness thing.  It's been a journey for me to accept my body for its shape and tendencies.  I used to think I had to look a certain way to be "in shape," but I'm learning that if I feel good and I'm healthy, that's more than enough.  I want to honor this new stage with some fun clothes!

So, I'm still not ready to pay lululemon prices, but I'm ready to take the next step.  That's why I was so excited to find Ellie!  Ellie mixes fashion and function with their cute, yet hardworking clothes, and for a seriously reasonable price.  They approached me to check out their line and write about them, and I was more than happy to!  I headed over to their website and picked out a few things from their "Little Black Collection."

 photo IMG_5764.jpg  photo IMG_5763.jpg  photo IMG_5762.jpg  photo IMG_5760.jpg  photo IMG_5759.jpg

I decided to go with "The Little Black Capri" and "The Black Widow Tank."  I was excited to see the quality in the fabric was exceptional.  The tank has a built-in bra, and I definitely didn't feel the need to pile on a sportsbra underneath, like some other workout tanks I have.  The pants kept me cool, even in my heated yoga class. 

Head over to and check out all they have!  They also have an amazing subscription program where you can get a complete outfit every month!  How's that for keeping up your will to work out?

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