Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trying it out: Living proof.

So, the best part about blogging is reaching out and connecting with you. I hope you feel the same way. :) But, another really cool perk to blogging is that I get to try things out! For example, I saw this ad in a few magazines, and I thought it looked pretty cool:

Next thing I know, a sample of the stuff shows up on my doorstep! Cool! I respect all things Jennifer Aniston, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

 photo 862895_10151399962086144_2017684862_n.jpg

When I opened up the little packet, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It is heavenly! It has a super fresh, really clean scent to it.... somewhere between floral and citrus. Or like cucumber water, or something along those lines. The directions say to apply it liberally to damp hair, and then style as usual. I'm not sure what "style as usual" means for me, so I decided to go with a blowout. Here's what I ended up with:

  photo 861794_10151399961571144_1160705344_n.jpg

Yes, I know the picture is kind of blurry. Too bad I didn't see that until writing this post! Can't turn back time, so that's what we've got to work with. Anyhow, my hair was ridiculously soft and smooth. Even with my bleached blonde hair. I couldn't help but run my fingers through it all day long. It was amazing! A main feature of this product is that it's supposed to extend your style. It "repels dirt and oil" leaving you with better hair for longer. I don't ever go a second day without at least dry shampoo, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Here is my hair a little more than 24 hours later:

 photo 803888_10151401335666144_1952655788_n.jpg

Looks practically the same. So does my shirt. Fear not, it is just another black shirt in my repertoire. I didn't feel SUPER clean by the end of the day, so I might blast it with a shot of dry shampoo in the future, but my hair was still really, really soft and it held the style pretty well!

 I think I might pick up some of this stuff and add it into my daily routine!


  1. I have to ask... what is "dry shampoo?" :)

    1. It's a concentrated powder spray that soaks up any extra oil in your hair -- helps you go longer between washes!


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