Saturday, January 19, 2013


Nicholas pumps

Caramel Tones

Rebecca Taylor dress

Joie blouse

Joie blouse (see more joies)

Theodora Callum top

Yesterday, I was really in the mood for a pick-me-up... I tried napping, but my brain wouldn't turn off.  I tried deep breathing (borrowed from yoga class) and I couldn't stop thinking.  I tried talking it out.  Then, I tried pink.  It worked!  Sometimes, rather than expecting my worries to go away, I let them take the backseat to something happier and more "me."  Looking back over some things I had clipped over the past week, I noticed a (not so surprising) trend.  Pink!  I love that it's coming back with the promise of spring ahead.  Isn't the pink lipstick in the second photo amazing? 

What do you do to take yourself back to a happy place? 

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