Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kate Spade knows my favorite color!

If there are two things in life that I'm sure I love, it's Kate Spade and the color pink.  Everything else comes and goes.  So, I was THRILLED when I cruised through the website today to do a little online window shopping.  I've been keeping my ear to the ground, and the rumblings are telling me that spring is going to be big on big, bold color.  And I am so ok with that.  Pastels were the attention hog last spring to the point that I'm a little burned out.  It's as if the fashion gods turned up the saturation on the Easter sweater colors and made them fun again!  If you're not already with me, jump on my excitement train by seeing some of my favorites:

Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Andee

Kate Spade shoes

Kate Spade New York Bow Belt

Kate spade

Kate spade (clipped to

The deep, rich pink of the perfect shoulder bag!  The playful juxtaposition of the pink cap toe on the punchy leopard flats!  The girlish innocence of the belt!  And the scarf?  Delightful!

Sometimes I wonder if everyone else is as easily inspired and cheered by the pure existence of these things!  Anyone?  It's all like art to me.  Someone has taken the time to create such beautiful things that are meant to be enjoyed.  And I mean truly enjoyed.  Like, I put one of these on and I feel like a new woman.  We're not talking making just bags, here.  It's helping women all across the world come out of their shell and stride around with a beaming grin (and really stellar shoes).  God bless you, Kate Spade.

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