Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling so inspired!

I'm still home sick, though now it's a confirmed sinus infection that's keeping me down.  This evil little bug is on its way out, though, because I just started a Z pack (a.k.a. bug-killer-extraordinaire!).  Though I'm feeling awful, I've had a lot of time to indulge in my other passion, blogging and seeking out inspiration in this amazing internet world!

The first two years of college, I was an art major.  To be honest, I couldn't tell you why I gave it up.  I love English, and I don't regret my degree in it.  But, there was something about those countless hours spent in the art building, obsessively crafting my current project and getting absolutely LOST in my own mind.  It was so freeing.  I tend to have a really hard time "shutting off," and painting was one thing that really did it for me.  (Along with spinning pots and sculpting clay and pulling screen prints.)  So, when I found this artist's work, it pulled me back to those happy memories of paint-covered hands and a beautifully clear mind and heart.

I introduce you to Jen Ramos:

Colors 48 - an original painting by Jen Ramos at Cocoa & Hearts

Colors 3

Colors 3 (clipped to polyvore.com)

COCOA+HEARTS: Original paintings

Rosado - an original painting by Jen Ramos at Cocoa & Hearts

I love the sweet colors and bold yet simple compositions that Ramos pulls together.   Even though the first few are simply lines of color, it's the choice of those colors and the bold strokes that makes them so wonderful to me.  I'd love to watch her paint.  I hope these gave you something as much as they have given me something!  Maybe I'll bust out my old painting tools and just give it a whirl tomorrow...  if my body lets me. 


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