Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall wardrobe essentials

Happy fall, readers!  I can't believe how fast summer has gone by, but when I look at the beautiful colors around me I don't mind it so much!  Not to mention, I'm able to turn over a whole part of my wardrobe that hasn't been seen since the beginning of time (or, um... April). 

I'm not really one to store all of my seasonal clothes (with the exception of big huge coats and super-obvious summer pieces).  I kind of have a core set of clothes that stays with me throughout the year.  I also make it my goal to make those pieces mixable.  Mike and I enjoyed a lovely date night earlier this week, and I wore some of my basic core pieces:  a grey jacket, a black tank, skinny jeans, booties, and a gray scarf.  I felt sleek and very ready for fall.

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Just like core wardrobe pieces, I also find that I have core wristwear pieces!  I actually have a drawer in my bedroom just chock full of bangles and bracelets.  (I guess I'm not really one to merchandise my own stuff -- Ha!)  When I throw together an outfit, I reach in and start grabbing ones that call to me for the day.  

So, obviously, there are days when I'll feel like getting a little bit more creative with what I wear.  Then there are the days where I just need my basics to tide me over while still pulling the hard work.  What are your core pieces that stay in your wardrobe?

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